When I original did this page, it was not really useful to anyone. Maybe you don't want to read this and simply want a program to tell you how much a domain with a website is worth and you weren't looking for a domain name without a site. If that is you then there are links on this site to check website price. There is much more here and if you spend some time with me you might be interested in ways you can increase site value.


This website is not flashy but the program I am using enables me to update really fast. It's just my style of building websites on this domain name. I actually wanted to give some information on where is the best place to bid on domain names but there is no single answer to this question because Domainers are to be found everywhere.

If you land on my web pages in their early stages you will notice that although I write somewhat coherently, the text and style can be annoying. Maybe some pages are still annoying. This is nothing to do with domain name appraisal and yet it has much to do with it.


I don't think that I am a good example of a Domainer although I own a few domains that I would like to sell to someone else or have someone sell for me. A pure domainer will spend time doing something called "flipping" which is in essence looking out for domain names that they believe are going to be valuable to someone else in the future, purchasing them at the going rate and later on selling that domain to the person who feels they need it most. Of course, domainers need to make a profit for the service they are providing. You will find Domainers from all walks of life, from individuals who have built lots of websites and have extra domains to sell like Slickest Domains or full time domainers like who have developed advanced domain name auction systems. The reason I mentioned the two companies above is because I have a good feeling about them. I don't know them personally, but I can tell you that I have had bad experiences with a certain unmentioned large domain name reseller who remind me of what happens to companies who have lost touch with their customer base. If you are a domainer and would like me to start a domainer directory on this website, then join me on Twitter and send a public Tweet to me. I will gladly start the list! If you want to help me get rid of some of my own domains, then find a way to contact me about it. OK, thats my two cents on Domainers.

             how to evaluate

         Don't click on this insect unless you are interested in working


Probably most of our readers will come here because they found something interesting. Really? What was it? What was your interest? Well, most likely you are a person who is one of "the rest of us" and you really want to monetize your website. Is there anything wrong with that?

No, of course not ! If monetization (whether directly or indirectly) is not your motive, then we believe you are an extremely rare kettle of fish. Beware of websites telling you that they are not making the website for the purpose of eventually making money remembering that money is a powerful driving force. Unless you own a 1,2 or 3 letter dotcom domain name or some popular generic dotcom domain name, you are probably not going to make a million dollars selling domain names. You can however make a domain name more valuable (increase its value by a thousandfold) by turning the cute name into a website that will attract visitors. Attracting visitors will give you opportunities to sell something on the site at a later date. What am I going to sell here? I don't know right now and am not concerned about it because I am not going to die if does not make any money for me. I have been enjoying making this website because it departs from what I normally do on the web. What I do requires extreme patience and a long waiting period to see results. I know what it is like to be slaving away at the web. Yes, it does reward, but it can also be incredibly frustrating at times. BTW Music helps! Sometimes you can feel that everything is a loss and you are being swallowed up by a dark cloud.

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           Bots and spiders are not people, so they need direction!

                                  ARE YOU WORTHLESS?                              

A website worth checking program is most likely going to view your website from the standpoint of how well you are currently doing on search engines e.g. DO YOU HAVE A DMOZ LISTING , how many other sites are linking to you the technical correctness of your site such as TAGS, META TAGS , KEYWORD DENSITY, PAGE RANK and other SEO RELEVENT things. There is even a metric now for social media presence.                              

 If you are working alone, trying to build up your website from scratch, you are going to feel worthless in the beginning. I am saying this just to encourage anyone who is starting from nothing. Maybe you visited these website worth checkers and got angry that they said your website is worth zero dollars. Don't be upset! Instead, make it a goal to challenge them. Huh?  Yeh! Work harder on optimizing your website, building more pages, blogging, tweeting and getting involved in interest groups on the net. Over time, you will see the value of your site is going to go up and checking your webstats you will see the visitors and hopefully the pageviews increase over time. How long is this going to take? Well, it depends on how dedicated you are and how stubborn you are to keep on working despite external annoyances telling you that you can't make it! If you want to see how long it is taking me to get this website up and running you can spy on my webstats


Although these programs can be useful in giving you at least some form of indication as to the value of your website, they are certainly not accurate in relation to the possible commercial value of your site . This is because value also has to do with what could happen in the future. What might be worth several million dollars to one person in the world might be viewed as worthless to someone else. What might cost ten dollars today, might be worth a large amount of money in a few years. Don't laugh at people spending time with things that don't seem incredibly valuable today.  When I was much younger, my mother used to complain about the amount of time I spent on the internet. I was fascinated at first by role playing games and then secondly with search engines. I got someone to build websites for me and I guided them in regards to how they should be optimized. Many years ago, the people around me saw no value in that. I also did not know where it was going but right now, all those years of work have begun to pay off.


People could write books about this but I am going to keep it short. The point I want to make is something that has no value to someone can be invaluable to someone else. For example, you will value artwork done by your children, no matter how unprofessional it seems to someone else. Even domain name appraisal experts have no idea what might be valuable to particular people in the future because they don't know everything that is going on in the world and they cannot predict the course of anything correctly. 

                           BORING THINGS CAN MAKE MONEY

This becomes obvious to people making specialist websites 

Did you know that some of the most boring subjects to the average person can actually make more money than a lot of popular topics? A metric for this is sometimes taken by the PPC cost for certain topics. Take for example "legal advice" and "law." Well, not everyone is going to be able to do websites involving attorneys, solicitors and such, but you may find that there are other niches that are more rewarding if you are interested in that topic and especially if you have a more than normal knowledge of the subject matter. I have left a metric here if you are interested to know about it. If you are thinking about specializing in a particular subject and you think you might be able to pull it off by working on a site over a period of time, then I can tell you that it is going to be a great advantage to you if you choose a domain name that really does have something to do with the website content e.g if it is about law, then have the word "law" in your domain name. This is where those domainers might really come in handy!