If you have never seen an online domain name value calculator and are so impatient that you cannot wait and just want a simple answer or some entertainment then just go to  website value calculator      

I like the idea of a good site worth checker otherwise known as website worth calculators and want them to stay on the net. Some people use them to find out if a website is worth advertising on and some people are scared to death of what they find out using a website worth checker. The video is a good example of this.


Although they are using scraped content for much of their pages they have been a great encouragement to many of those who want to view their website progress over a period of time. Who cares if they are accurate or not? The point is that they can be used as some form of metric to gauge a website's progress. Most people are not using them to calculate website turnover accurately or to see the value of a company or an organisation as it relates to their monthly or annual sales figures. I think they are harmless and should stay on the web as useful tools for the internet community.


So, if you own one of these website calculators, then get in touch with me and I will happily send people your way, especially if you have worked hard trying to make your site unique. Did you know that you might be up against the top USA SEO services, the most well know Indian SEO and even a hard working Chinese SEO firm? What is important for us to get more visitors and one way to get more visitors to our site is to increase the perceived value that robots give to our site. Yes! Search engine robots are evaluating how relevant your website is using a number of factors. They may not be the same factors that these website value calculations use but the idea is similar. The robots will most likely prevent a normal website that just started out from becoming popular "all of a sudden" and so  if you embark on developing a website, you need to have a lot of patience. 

                                CHOOSING A DOMAIN NAME

If you are planning on starting a new website so you need some inspiration on choosing a Domain Name? I gave this video my best shot, so it might be worth looking into before you buy something that you don't want later on.


These are not simply links to several website value and website worth online calculation programs. They link to pages that bring up a scraper and evaluate my own site. You may be interested to see that that the methods they used to calculate your website value are slightly different. I think that even in real life this is going to be the case because what might be of great value to one person could be worthless to someone else. You are going to see similarities between the programs and one of the most important thing seems to be Page Rank. How do many people increase Page Rank? Should we not be interested to know? Well, you cannot increase Page Rank if you are not getting dofollow links. Watch the video if you don't know about this because you could be wasting a lot of time on social networks and blogs thinking that you are increased your site's rank when you are actually just increase the value of the site you are adding material to. Yes! It is a terrible thing to discover, especially if you have been spending years contributing to other networks, sites and blogs.


If you are not satisfied and want more opinions then you can search the web for more website worth checkers. Most of these websites listed here are kind enough to  offer a free online website value calculator that will automatically calculate your website worth by typing in the URL or the website address in a box but many of them are using slightly different factors to determine value. Why not get familiar with these websites and use them to see value increasing over time? 

Please note that there used to be direct links to these calculators but I feel that this site might be suffering some kind of penalty from doing that, so I have removed the links but you can still search for them using a search engine. The links will be removed for a while.

                  dollar value

                               FIND OUT 


 The  links will normally open up in a new page so you can stay on this page. WHOIS BID is not an affiliate of any of these sites and does not guarantee that anything found in them is entirely correct and truly representative  although some tools might be useful to some of us who value this kind of information. Also remember to DELETE YOUR COOKIES and clean our your cache and history after using this page if you don't like trackers. 

Hope you find something interesting in regards to the different auto appraisals. Some of the images show what some of their own progams said about their OWN website value. The value in the images is a self appraisal.  Please note that the data for their value was taken on December 11 2010. If you need the updated value you can see the calculation on their websites.



How much is my website worth INFO

Although this is a long domain name it is easy to remember because it is a sentence that is very commonly used in a search. This website evaluation program also makes reference to other sites that are of similar value to the one being checked. It also shows what the site favicon looks like i.e. if the site has a favicon.

            how much is my website worth



A definition for "Arbiter" is "someone with the power and authority to settle matters or disputes. This page gives an interesting list of sites it believes to be similar to the one you are looking at. Along with the site names they also give the Alexa ranking for those sites. Alexa ranking is used by many people as a quick indication of what amount of internet traffic is coming to a site. On the page you can see what the Google Page rank is. They also use a negative/positive rating system. Go and see how they rated us.


            web arbiter




 Cute name - "Your Website Value" although I feel that they kind of undervalued our worth today. Who knows? Maybe on the next update they will put more money to our name. The site also asks if you are the owner of the home page and if you can rent them a little area of it. Well there is no need for these folks to ask us because we are already making mention of them and I guess increasing their visibility for free.

            your website value



Another cute domain name Website Value Worth. I wonder what was going on in the mind of the owner and how he or she came up with that dotcom domain name. Some of things I noticed about the site "Website value worth" is that they give an estimate for the site in US dollars, the daily page view for the site and daily earnings. You can also see their reported age for the domain and whether your are listed in the DMOZ DIRECTORY & YAHOO DIRECTORY. A map loaded as I visited the site page containing info on WHOIS BID. This may shows the geographical location of website hosting providers.

             website value worth



This domain name is catchy "WEBSITE WORTH CHECKER"   which gives a brief site metrics or estimation of what WHOIS BID is worth in US dollars along with other information like the daily unique visitors and the keywords we are supposedly targeting from displaying our HTML and META DATA. They also have a site index directory containing numbers and alphabetical letters of cached pages of requests. Many people believe that there is power in a domain name i.e. you might stand a better chance of being noticed if your domain name reflects the subject matter in your website that you target or your specialty subjects

             website worth checker com



I guess STAT is short for Website Statistics. I do not know what the cube represents but there is a picture of a cube on their homepage. Apart from just Alexa rank this website also gives information on Quantcast Rank and Compete Rank which are other third party ranking systems. It also has the number of pages Google has indexed, DMOZ listing, description and also category and will report "No" if you do not have DMOZ listing.




 Normally on PPC only a few URLS get prominence. Have you noticed that when you are not on top or even in the first few you are less likely to get clicked. I am updating as many as possible. I wonder which ones will get clicked most. I also wonder what these website value checkers estimate for each other. Hmm...  If we run out of website ideas we can be naughty and make a website about how website value checkers value other website price estimation sites

Ha Ha ! - Maybe someone else wants to do that ! Let's continue.............


A DOT ORG domain name with a "-" hyphen /dash . This website's tags had the words "ACCURATE". What I found interesting about it was the information on Domain age which differs from some other sites. Some sites report WHOIS BID to be very young while Website Worth ORG reports us as over 11 years old. This actually is accurate because someone else owned this domain name before we did. The WHOIS BID name was dropped from the registrar and purchased by me in 2010 for the normal price. This site also reports what some people call your social media visibility or social media presence. They seem to be doing this by showing if you have links from Technorati, Digg and Delicious -yum yum! They also have a W3C validator and a report on the last time Google crawled your site




 Three precise words "Check Website Worth" and you the choice of checking the value in three different currencies. Not only do they display the Alexa traffic rank of your site but also the local rank. They also show the last sites that used the free checking services and they put the estimated price (as saw it today) next to a thumbnail image of your site. You can perform a "mouse over" the thumbnail image and you will find out it is a hyperlink to the site being looked at on the page. The title tag for this page was and this is probably a good idea if they want to be found by someone who was searching for their own domain name address . What they did obviously has worked because they managed to get my attention and now they are being mentioned in this small directory of similar sites




This site managed to pick up the fact that WHOIS BID now has an Alexa ranking which means it updated today because we only received the Alexa ranking today. It gives the daily page view for the site next to the age of the site e.g for WHOIS BID "Daily Page View - 44 days. Yes its true! Whois is Bid today is only just over 5 weeks old. It reports inbound and outbound links, Yahoo links and  ALTAVISTA / ALLTHEWEB backlinks.

                           Their website reckons it's worth





" The Web Price is a nice 11 letter dot com domain name . I personally like dotcom domain names. I noticed that this site prominently shows WHOIS information for WHOIS BID as well as other sites sharing the same IP address range. It also has its own menu for the United States top 40 sites and you can easily click on those really popular domain names and see what interesting statistics they show about them. There is also a report about the loading time of the page in fractions of a second (many decimal points) Some people believe that if the loading of pages on a site is too slow it can affect your popularity not just with search engines but with people too. Sometimes this could be a fault of the web design/ software/ bugs or other things . Whatever the reason many people will give up if a page takes too long to load.

               the web price




Check Website Worth - This site is in Dutch . I noticed some of these sites always give Tweeting ability for stuff that you see updated on their pages.  I guess  you could use this .NL Dutch website to practice reading SEO stuff in Dutch. Who knows, maybe one day such language skills for such a specialist topic might impress someone.

             check website worth netherlands



 Today RANK PK valued our site at $.0.00 but strangely it also valued its own website at $.0.00 . Wow ! Why has their evaluation program been set to be so ungenerous to itself. Surely RANK PK has to be worth something more than $0? 




Here are even more and more!


FREE WEBSITE REPORT ORG gives their estimated website net worth based on  what would be the expected advertising revenue. It also gives information on the page views and the amount in USD it expects the site is making daily from adverts . Along with this there is info about the Alexa ranking and links to the site. It also has a nice big historical worth chart

            free website report



WEB PAGE WORTH has its own unique way of calculating a site's worth by showing you the factors individually so that you can add them up for the grand total of what they expect your web page is worth. The give points for the domain name, domain age, presence of a favicon, page ranked, indexed pages by google and other interesting points.

            web page worth com



 WEBS VALUE gives site worth and details such as title, description, keywords,    daily page views, daily ad revenues and an estimated worth. It also gives the Alexa rank, number of Google, Yahoo and Altavista backlinks as well as the server information i.e. which country the website is hosted in.

         webs value




    This website checks visits per day, income per day, Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Google Backlinks, Yahoo Backlinks, website creation date , IP address and hosting location.


         web stats site pricing



Price if website gives an estimated domain name value, checks if there is a Dmoz listing as well as inbound links and Yahoo Backlinks. It also loads the Alexa ranking graph and Compete data. It also allows visitors to the page to comment on the website.

        price of website



This site gives an estimated website worth, daily pageview, earnings in US dollars and information about who is linking to you. It also uses the H1 tags from your index page for the tags on the information page. This is a common practice for web pages that use bots to evaluate the current price of a website.

        website value bot



Value the Website gives an estimated worth, income per day, daily pageviews, alexa rank, compete rank, IP address, domain name, length of domain name, age, check if there is a listing in Dmoz and Yahoo, character encoding and links in. As well as giving a value for your website they also have a function to compare websites.

        value the website




The site file website gives information on what class you are hosted on. For example, who is bid is hosted in a class C. Information on the web server is provided e.g Apache. It gives the detected language and the min site and max site value as well as daily ad revenue. Site file also gives links to what it believes are related pictures and related videos. It gives links to Google and Yahoo pages which display info of links that show up. Whois information is also provided. This information includes the name servers, registrar and client status e.g. client delete prohibited.

        site file



Website value worth is a nice dot com domain name for these kinds of worth checkers. It gives similar information to many of the standard online programs that do automatic appraisal. 

       website value worth



Web Names info on what is the estimated price for a website using similar factors such as Google page rank inbound and outbound links and also has information on other websites that are hosted on the same IP address. Who is bid is using shared hosting and sometimes people believe that you can be caught in something called a "cloud" of bad neighbors using the same IP address. Certain servers will block certain IP address ranges if they feel that that spam is coming from that range. Unfortunately when this happens there might be others websites who have no involvement with the spam who get blocked or penalized for reasons beyond their own control. This kind of information can be useful to those who suspect this has happened. The remember is probably to change your web hosting.

        web names info


My website worth has an interesting statement. They have written that the numbers are only based on criteria available to the domain name and that the figures given for the website value do not represent the worth of the company behind the website. This can be true in fact for all of these programs. There are many websites that represent company names but these sites have little traffic despite the fact that the companies themselves could be making several millions of dollars in turnover every year. This goes to show that even now most businessmen do not rely on the internet for their revenue. They rely on their own products, salesmanship, word of mouth, personal skills and other advertising media. I remove the links because currently they are not working. If you want them to work please contact me.

        my website worth



Stats village gives a report on website statistics and value. It has information on the core traffic - Quantcast, Compete and Alexa rank the length of the domain and whether it is a dictionary word since obviously common words contained in a dictionary should by default be more valuable. It also mentions whether the domain name contains dashes. It also gives link information and social reach e.g whether or not it has Digg listings and RSS subscribers. There are also other graphs which show the number indexed pages by Google and Yahoo backlinks. They state that their value estimation is based of estimated traffic related to pageviews and other factors.

          site statistics



This website enables people to rate the web page that they are viewing as well as it's attempt at an estimation of site worth. The comments are all moderated. It also gives PPC revenue and presence in the major directories. The Header contains the value that has been predicted for the domain name. The website title tags and description tags are displayed. It also shows the number of Yahoo links. If you are frequently investigating how much weight a link holds you will see that Google does not consider many Yahoo links to be links. Maybe they do internally but they do not show up on search as proper links. For example a website could report over 1000 Yahoo links but less than a handful of Google backlinks if they are unfortunate.

          my site cost



Isn't it incredible! The things we now have to do to get noticed. This domain name has a dictionary worth called WORTH and a .IM extension which I guess can be easily remembered. This site has done something a little different than the others. They have taken time to enable Twitter feeds for Who is Bid to display on the site. These feeds now become a static url which is spiderable by search engines. My guess is that Twitter and social networks give search engines a hard time because millions of pages of social network content outside of the search engine realm now becomes part of keyword stuffing. This domain name as a logo stating Web Value and Worth. I do realize that many of these programs all come from the same source but some of the users of the programs have tried to be more inventive and they make their websites slightly different from the others i.e. they try to offer something unique. 

         worth im



It took some time for the page loading but it seems that the DO LOOP sites is attempting to continually refresh web site value and statistics each time a new visitor comes to the page. The site offers SEO performance statistics and other resources such as looping statements. A looping statement runs the same section of code multiple times. If you want to get a better definition you can visit this page and find out. Do Loop provides interesting technical information about your website . The website as it appeared today has also archived domain names that it evaluated in a map using criteria such as by name, by value, by age, by Page Rank, by Alexa Rank, by Technical information and Top Level Domain.

           loop checker



Website Worths displays annual revenue, worth, users and pageviews. it gives last month's revenue and monthly growth. It also shows the website worldwide rank from a 1 day to 3 month period. The price estimation seems to be quite fair. This site also offers the worth value in many languages

Last time I checked it was a parked domain and so the link was removed. If the  new owner wants the link activated then contact whoisbid.

          website worth



A friend of mine today reported to me that in 2010 there were about 100 million new websites created. I am not sure how accurate that figure is but most certainly in 2010 there has been a phenomenal growth in sites. If everyone is competing  and the competition is larger then it will mean that it is going to be more difficult to get your website somewhere highly ranked for something important. Stat show spelt STATSHOW gives a global rank for your website, the website worth , monthly pageviews, visitors and ads revenue. This website as of January 2011 does not make an ads revenue so the figure is a predicted ad revenue. There is a graph that gives rank variation over the months but since this site currently has no rank it will not appear anywhere on the graph. My guess is that it is a waste of resources to retrieve detailed statistical analysis for all websites in the world since there are millions of domains and websites not being exploited fully, updated and worked on regularly.

          stats show



Apart from showing information on backlinks from Google , Altavista and Yahoo Website Log also has information from All the Web however after checking this in your browser you will probably find that All the web now diverts to the Yahoo search engine.

         website logs



All About Site gives information about the Title tags used for sites e.g in our case they are Domain Name Value and original website worth. They also show the keyword used for the meta description and tags. Details of domain age and site load time. Other search analytics info are backlinks, indexed pages and Page Rank. There are also links to check a website's social buzz on Twitter, Reddit, Flickr and Youtube. Other social bookmarks links to check the status are to Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Dmoz, Google Answers and Yahoo Answers

          all about site



Webutation gives a review of your site with maximum score of 100. Whois Bid's score was 80/100. They also allow you to write a review if you wish. Other information regards if it is Google safebrowsing friendly, WoT (Web of Trust) and whether it is G-rated i.e. child safety approved. Although it does not give a website's estimated worth the information might be useful to someone who is concerned about a domain name's status in regards to its reputation. Sometimes buying domain names up for sale that previous had a bad reputation can cause problems for new owners. The website states "Open Website Reputation against Fraud and Malware.

          reputation of a website


The following are some unique pictures but there is a cryptic meaning to them. No, I am not talking about encryption. If you managed to get this far on the page then you will begin to understand why trying to please search engines could have something to do with the images below.

            toilet worth

Normally things like toilets don't have much value to people who are not desperate to go for a pee. If you are walking the streets of London on a cold winter and need to relieve yourself might find that you have to ask someone where the nearest toilet is.

             bid for toilet

It does not matter whether you are male or female. When you need to go, the value of a public toilet is more to you than a cup of coffee or a hot meal. How much would you be willing to bid if there were only a limited amount of toilets and the successful bidder was allowed to use the facilities to either urinate or defocate in comfort? I think people will be willing to pay quite a sum if there is a great need. This means that the value of the toilet has increased because "you" needed it. The same could be said for website value. If someone needs your website, it has just gone up in value.

           river thames

If you were walking on London Bridge and saw a huge volume of water it would be impressive but if you were only had just under a litre of liquid in your bladder and needed to release it, don't you think it would be more impressive to see it released in a urinal?  The water flowing in the river Thames is a much larger volume but you don't need it right now. What you need is a place to release a smaller volume of water.

             london bridge

We don't know how valuable something might be to someone at a later date. Take for example the London Underground which was designed as a transport system but later one saved a bunch of lives.