What kind of person would want to tackle the question "What is Youtube" from a unique perspective? If you were searching for something highly technical and you consider yourself a "Geek of Sorts" then you just might be one of the lucky people to have stumbled on this glorious page. Ah! I am writing from a completely unique perspective and this website is now just over one year old. I have achieved a Page Rank 5 and a healthy number of daily viewers. Let me tell you that the rumour is still true about websites being sandboxed for about 9 months. Yes! After the first nine months I saw my traffic almost double. Of course, there could be other reasons for this sudden increase in traffic but I think that it is most likely that all websites get quarantined for a while. The Sandbox is like some kind of capping where you cannot become more popular with the search engine no matter what you try to do. There are of course exceptions and the cap can be taken off by people like Google if they see enough signs that meet certain criteria. Breaking News is one of them and if you have a site that is unique by the fact that the news you present is always shown on your site before others then you should continue what you are doing because eventually you should (in theory) become extremely popular, especially if that kind of news is important to millions of individuals.

You might be asking yourself why you have even read this far - Yikes! Do you think that I am wasting your time? How can someone like me produce something that has become popular enough to be ranked pretty well by a search engine? I guess that is for you to figure out. I certainly have not made this website popular by copying other people's material. Some say that it is not possible to make something popular  by copying other people's content but I seriously have my doubts. I believe that if you can get enough highly ranked websites to give you proper links then you will start to see the power of authority on the internet. If you can understand the implications of what I am proposing, then you will know that at some point we will have to believe that authority links are more powerful than original content. How could we prove this? The answer is actually much simpler than you imagine. All you have to do is to get a link from a web page that is Page Rank 9 or 10. You will see your traffic go wild overnight and I guess that you will most likely never view seo or the internet in the same way again. Don't you know it is possible for someone to "get ahead" if he has the right "connections" .. Ah! That is is play on words because links and connections kind of mean the same thing, don't they?


So, what is Youtube? Did you know that it is probably not a good idea at this point in time for me to tackle this question in all of my paragraphs? Why is this? Don't you know that search has more or less taken on a different set of rules since the Panda Updates

If you did not know much about those updates then you can always leave here and visit my Blog on Hubpages but I must warn you that someone commented on that page and mentioned something called "irrelevant links" but I have a question for those people who assume that. The question has to do with what type of community you are speaking to. Have you not noticed that "normal" conversation does not always "keep to the point" and that normal conversation is free? How can geeks understand human interaction and write algorithms and programs to "know the meaning" of a page when people in real life do not always want everything they say within a short period of time to have a meaning that can be classified by a computer? Maybe you are confused by what I am saying but there is hope! Yes! I have left a Youtube video below that has over 100,000 views to make this clearer.


I guess that the contents of this page might be extremely valuable to someone who currently believes the more popular advice given by supposed experts that high quality content is the name of the game. I beg to differ and still believe that Geeks have not even begun to understand human interaction at it's best. Why are your children always watching trash on Youtube? There is nothing high quality about a lot of the most popular videos at all. Many of them are low quality content (not really educational) and they do not help anyone in any particular way. Maybe this is what people are used to in this world? Maybe it is trash that sells. If that is the case, then give your trash to the internet and make money doing it but remember to keep your best stuff away from cyberspace. Why should you want to give away your best skills and knowledge for free on Youtube when you could be making a stack of cash elsewhere by giving personal training to others. Why speak into a camera when you can interact with people face to face and become "truly" social with your audience? So, what is Youtube again? Ah.. I have answered this from an entirely unique perspective and the text contained in this page has never appeared anywhere else on the internet before. Lets see if you find this page and read it to the end. I would like leave you with something valuable about trash but you will need to watch the following video to find out. When you find the answer, then you will understand that your best and most original work should always be safeguarded and kept out of cyberspace. Especially in those places that allow you to put it there for free. Places like Youtube.


Don't let me stop you from uploading your rubbish to Youtube. This is because Youtube is now an authority site and if you are active enough on it then the links will work to your benefit, especially the one that increases your Page Rank.