This page is going to give you a short list of where you can submit articles on the internet but I want to ask you a question first. Why would you be looking for places to submit articles? You are probably looking for these places because you are not getting backlinks to your website. I now have your full attention because if you are a person who likes to be awake then you might be wondering if other people have been telling you lies about backlinks. Haha! What a bunch of liars they all are. They told you that if your site has great content then people are going to link to you organically. That is absolute nonsense. It is so easy to catch people in their lies. Do you want to spend a few days catching all these liars? If you do, then spend some time creating a map of their link wheels. When you see that many of the top sites are involved in link wheel creation then you might change your mind about the seo companies who help people develop them. Here is an example of such a company. I have no idea whether they can help you or not but their video gives some idea of their art. Yes! To create something like this requires you to visualize a network and links. Some people can make extremely advanced forms and they have made galleries showing their work. Take a look if you have never known about these things.


I know that there are going to be people who argue about link wheel footprints and how useless link wheels are but you will never normally find those people talking about link pyramids and link spheres which can all fit geometrically into a wheel. You can have millions of variations and at the same time throw in the many wild cards which link out to websites that have nothing to do with you whatsoever. It is absolutely impossible to catch people in these advanced link creations and there is no way that any Google Algorithm in a million years could detect them because they are not just helping their own websites but they are giving Page Rank to many other people who would never normally get a link from anyone in the world. Sometimes this can help some unknown person get the traffic he needs and his business starts to increase but he does not know why. Someone clever has decided to become like Robin Hood and to give freely to the poor. There are not many of these people on the internet but if you ever detect one of them then you can expect that they know they have been putting money in people's pockets for free and they won't feel bad about themselves or their link creations because they have helped others and given them something that no-one ever gives.


Intelligent people who build advanced link creations and who do not believe the nonsense about organic growth being spouted out from the mouths of wolves in sheep's clothing are actually going to end up being generous to other people on the web. They are going to be the most useful people the internet has ever known but they remain unknown because true charity is done in secret.  This is because they are in a war against  selfish people spreading lies about how others get  true links to websites

There is no such thing as organic growth on the internet. There is normal artificial growth and viral websites. If you believe that organic growth exists then you can prove it by giving a link to this page from a high ranking page on your website. You won't do it because you are just like everyone else. There is nothing special about you and people who study your link wheels know how selfish you are. If you are not one of those people but you are concerned about being associated with such people then my advice to you is not to read the recommendations that they give you on backlinks and website popularity i.e. their "How to do this or that... Instead, you should create a map of who they are linking to and a map of the sites that they are linking to so that you can identity who they are actually helping. Normally they are helping themselves or a small group of people who got together like some kind of fraternity for mutual benefit. I don't have a problem with those who get together for mutual benefit but I do have a problem when they start putting up a front and telling lies to their followers in order to deceive them. This is because sincere people actually follow your advice and when it does not work they might start feeling about themselves when  it actually has nothing to do with the level of their efforts, skills and talents but everything to do with the people who have led them down a wrong path. Open your eyes, even if you never come back to my website again. If you want to leave here and you find this uninteresting and want to see something amazing then take a look instead at someone who has slowed down the Star Wars Imperial March Theme by one thousand times. You might get new ideas about what to do on the internet because the options of things you can chose to write about are endless.


Here is the list I promised of Where to get Backlinks. You will have to click this link which will take you to a placed that is good for backlinks and on that page there is a link to another place where you can get even more. Good luck to you and may the force be with you.

Here is Where to find Good Backlinks