Today I was reading another misinformed article written in February 2011 by some self proclaimed SEO giving advice to newbies on what they should be doing in order to bring more traffic to their website. Yet again, my blood pressure increased when I saw that their advice was so misleading. If you are familiar with this website, you will know that I have touched on these matters before. What makes today different is that  I have the will and the energy to write more about it. There is a chance that I might fall into a similar pages trap, so I  will try to be as enterprising as I can.

             toilet worth

               Am I making you laugh? Are you seeing patterns?

I know that if I interviewed all the people who visited the London Museum to ask them for their opinion on SEO blogs that hardly anyone would know what I am talking about. If I asked them about "brainwashing" I think I would get plenty of intelligent answers. See- these people do know what SEO blogs are really all about!  All they needed was for someone like me to connect the two together. In fact, I believe that the people who have never visited most SEO blogs will actually have a great advantage over others who have visited them. This is because their minds are still open. 

              london museum

                                     The London Museum


I know this website is not the best of designs but if you want to see some incredible designs of mine I am not going to show them to you. Why? Because I don't want 'all' the different websites I run to be connected to each other. I have just given you something to think about even though it is unrelated to this page but it may be worth a lot to you if you have just discovered that search engines are only seeing  you as part of your own link wheel.

                                WHITE HAT SEO DECEPTION

Yes! I am going to expose White Hat SEO deception today! First of all, a White Hat is going to give an misleading idea of what Black Hat SEO is. I hope that you know now that Black Hat is far more dangerous than someone simply looking for backlinks

              egyptian seo
                    Want to know about Ancient Techniques?

Of course, there are always good white hats and bad white hats, but today we need to know about the wolves in sheep's clothing. There is this ridiculous idea that people building good websites are naturally going to have people they don't really know link to them. Yes, I know it can happen, but it is not natural for people to spend their time thinking about linking to other people's websites. People are simply far too selfish to do this. This is why we have something being practiced called a link exchange i.e. if you link to me, I will link to you! There are even programs designed to check for these links to see if they are still in place. Does link exchange work? I am not going to answer that in this page because I am going to offer one alternative to it.

              modern construction

                    The alternative is a "massive" construction work

 Before I do that, I need to tell you what these supposed white hat SEO's are preaching. They are telling us that it is wrong to buy backlinks. If it is wrong to buy backlinks, then it is surely wrong to buy advertising! If you are paying another website to display your products and services, your company logo and some information that would lead visitors to your own site, then you are really paying for backlinks if you are getting a do follow link. If you are paying large sums of money for this, you will want to know if you are getting link credit. Come on, lets all be honest about this! This is how the internet currently works for any business that needs to get ahead. If your website is not popular, you can pay for tons of advertising on someone else's website in the hope that whoever visits the other website will be driven to your site. This might save you enormous amounts of time posting links to your website on blogs that are simply looking for your unique text to add to their page's keyword count.

                          THE POWER OF YOUR OWN WEBSITE

I am not going to use a lot of technical jargon to explain this. I am trying to build this website for the "rest of us" and so here is what you can do if you aren't going to buy those inbound links from high page rank websites. What you need to do is going to require an enormous sacrifice on your part. You will need to first build as many pages as you can for your website. I am talking about quantity here. After you have done that, go and look at your website statistics which will probably show you that a few of them have become popular. Of course, follow all the guidelines of unique content and do your best to build each page as best as you can. After that, view each page as a separate website. Did you know that pages on their own can have authority and rank. If you have popular pages on your website you can slightly modify them to point to the products, services or information that matters to you most.

               enormous sites

The logic behind all of this is that if you build something enormous, there is no way that you are not going to be noticed. Remember that it all has to be unique. How long is this going to take you? My answer is to a business is that you should not stop working on your site until you see clients coming to it every day and buying what you sell. You might not have the time to do this, so why not invest in a permanent employee to do just that for you? Get your employee to familiarize himself with SEO. If you aren't able to do this, you might want to consult with a half decent SEO. The alternative is to buy those backlinks and not get caught. You might find that the advertising you need (or should I say backlinks) is not going to be cheap if you are selling something that is highly profitable. Remember also that most website designers don't care about SEO. If you ever find the right person to assist you, make sure you pay them as much as you would a marketing director because they are going to save your ass!