OK. This is page is for those of you who are not worried that you don't have a website that looks like it was made by Adobe Photoshop. Of course you can do that too. In fact, we should probably learn to use all of the available website builders at our disposal for different reasons. The reason I am using Karelia Software to building this particular site is because it is really fast. When you use this website builder it will automatically update and save your stuff as you type. The other beauty of the Sandvox for Mac (yes it does not work with Windows) is that everything is saved in one small file that is is easy to copy and paste onto another computer or storage device that you want to use for backup. I have been through several MacBooks since using Sandvox and it is as easy as pie to leave off where I started on my new Apple Computer. If you are already convinced, then just download Karelia Sandvox and start watching these free training videos.

    Here is Intro Training video -1


    Here is website Training Video -2


    Here is website Training Video -3


    Here is Sandvox Website Builder for Mac Intro Training Video 4


    Here is Training Video 5


   Easy Website Builders for Mac Users Training Video 6


    Fastest Website Builders Video 7


                 WHOIS UPDATE

I cannot stress the fact that whatever you think about using Sandvox for websites we cannot deny the fact that it enables you to create website and webpages extremely fast- once you have got a hang of it. The picture above was taken really early in the morning on my first day of using Sandvox. I was able to upload a few pages successfully. This page you see here only took a few minutes to edit and upload. It is really easy to embed Youtube videos or even Java using their raw html option. I think Karelia software is a bargain and those of you don't want to waste time fooling around.

By the way. If you came here because you were looking for places to boost your website's presence then this site will support you if you send original content. This site is a site that does not use anything (on it's actual pages) that are scraped from the web. Well, at least I am trying to do that as much as possible. There is a submit page where you can send stuff to me and I will upload it and give you what you probably want.