When your followers do a Tweet, who sees it? If I tweet, who sees it?  Of course, you can do a search on Google, Yahoo, Bing and even Twitter itself and find others who are going to explain the rules of Twitter, but most of them leave out something in their answers which I feel makes people underestimate the power of Twitter.

                                IF I TWEET, WHO SEES IT?

Someone recently messaged me on Twitter telling me that my website was confusing and yet intriguing at the same time. I am glad when people find me on Twitter and follow the link on my profile which leads to this website.  So, what's the answer? Watch the video first. It is really short and I tried to have a model speak to you instead of me. Sorry about the voice being synthesized.



                           THE POWER OF REALTIME SEARCH

The answer to this question depends on what you think about Realtime search. For a start, do you think anyone is searching for things in Real Time? Maybe the answer is no if you personally do not use or see the benefits of realtime searching. Have you discovered that even search engines like Google offer realtime search as an option? If you have chosen to make your Tweets public, they will appear in Realtime Search. You will also see Facebook and other social network messages also appearing in Realtime search on Google.  Most people don't know about Realtime Search but it is becoming a bit more popular now.


 Today I did a search on my default Google for "realtime search" and guess what URL is top of the list? If you want to see what result I was given, then just go here http://www.google.com/realtime

Don't you think if Google has already embraced Realtime Search, that your Twitter Account Value  has just been multiplied by the fact that the current number #1 search engine in the world has adopted Realtime by giving you results that originated from Tweet? Yes, someone might say to us that no-one is really using realtime search but there you are wrong! You are wrong because "I am using Realtime Search" to find information that cannot be found by traditional search engines. If you understand how traditional search engines operate, you will know that it takes some time to spider and index results and these results are not realtime. The results you are given have more to do with relevancy, and the websites and urls that have a high position in search may or may not be fresh in content. This does not mean those pages are not "relevant" because your 24 hour Dentist is not going to change his address or website every 5 minutes. Let's hope the world does not become like that!


Sometimes I feel that there is a large group of people on the internet who are against Twitter and what it represents or could be. I sense this from the way that they write articles about it and leave people feeling negative about it's importance. Some of these are articles warn others about joining people on Twitter who are not relevant to your cause or seem to be slightly spammy or unprofessional.  I am a Twitter Supporter and have found that even though people might of designed their profile to make people think that they are involved in a particular subject or industry, it does not always reflect who and what the person does. Let's say someone comes on Twitter selling domains. Someone who sells Domain Names is called a Domainer. Many of these people are doing this part time in the evenings at home. Just because they have shown themselves on Twitter to be Domainers, does not mean that they do not have other interests. If we were to read certain articles about how we should be using Twitter they would lead us to believe that we should only be joining and following those in the Domainer business. OK, I am getting off the point a bit but I wrote this to make people think more deeply about it. Don't just accept what is written but expand your mind a bit.

The answer to the question is - Tweets that you make are being indexed and available in Realtime Search. So, who can see my Tweets? The people who will see your Tweets are realtime search supporters!

My question to you is :

1. " How powerful do you think realtime search will become in the future?" 

2. "If it were not going to be powerful, why have the major search engines adopted it?"

Here however is a problem you might find If you start using an analyzer to see who has seen your Tweets.. there is info on an analyzer in the video for you.. The video is only about one minute long and it might interest you to start analyzing your Tweets.


The problem you might discover is that many people are using robots on twitter. Here is some more info about Social Network Robots

The video is kind of disturbing because the current facts seem to be disturbing too. However, I have left something here for you to show that my own Twitter account although full of robots is now getting a few responses from real users. This is what we want and so if your account is being drowned out by robots then simply follow me and send a message to me and I will announce you to my other real followers who will probably be happy to have you on if you are real. We are in a war against these Robots and we don't like them. The only way we can see forward is to get as many real users together as possible. Maybe this has already something you enjoy on Twitter but if it is not then don't feel shy and join us for mutual benefit.


The group of people I am connected to seem to be interested in finding out about things that waste their time on the internet. Once the things that wastes people's time is blogs that do not give you any credit for the contributions you have given to them. The evidence for this can be seen in whether or not they are giving you links that actually boost your site's Page Rank. Twitter can be useful to connect to people but if you are using and imagining that the links you give our to others are going to increase your page it is probably because someone has given you misleading information about that. 

If you are not familiar with these things then visit my page on Why Blogs are Useless.

Before anyone gets me entirely wrong, I am not saying that Blogs are useless but explaining which blogs will help increase your website traffic because they are empowering you and which ones are not. If you have never investigated these matters you might end up shocked with a realization that most blogs don't help page ranking at all.

                                    PAGE RANK IS IMPORTANT  

Right now there is a new breed of SEO calling themselves social network seo's or something similar. The exact name is not important. What it is important for any of us to realize if that a lot of these "experts" are now telling us that Google Page Rank is not important. However, if that were true, then why would all companies and people who are in the business of selling websites charge more for higher page ranked websites in their auctions. Go and take a look for yourself and you will quickly find out that Page Rank means something not only to search engines but it is also being used as a metric to evaluate the commercial value of a site.  Whatever someone's opinions are in regards these issues we can safely say that the financial worth of something is the only real way to evaluate. Money is a measure of success. It does not means someone is a failure if they do not have a high page ranked site. No! It just means that financial value is how we can universally appraise something.

If you are getting the point of what is being said in this page, then you will probably conclude that we might not want to waste our time commenting on blogs that do not help you in any way. Of course if we are blogging for social reasons and we don't care about financial issues that is entirely different and understood but as far as an seo strategy for a business is concerned we should be thinking deeply about how we maximize our time. It is possible to spend years wasting time on blogs that we imagined were helping us when they were actually not.


  There are so many people writing books about how to make Twitter a success for you but we need to look at some of the hards facts of today and one of them is that many of the Twitter users are not using it in the way it was probably intended for use. This is evidenced by my account as an example. I have followed thousands of people only to find out that they are not logging on to their Twitter accounts to follow me back but instead are using an Automated Program to run their account. This sometimes means that when i engage them in conversation they reply to me using a robot. Well, in fact they are not even replying at all. These programs can be set to spam out messages over time periods in the day depending on how they are set and the frustrating thing about them is mostly going to be that newbies to Twitter don't know this. Yes! There may be some message that was spit out using the robot that is interesting to a newcomer who might want to respond to it but later they find out they no-one is responding to them. This can be alarming for new users who are wondering if there is something wrong with them or what they said but there is no need to worry about this because it is probably happening to many people.

I personally feel that in order for Twitter to become more useable we need to increase the base of real users who are truly interacting with each other. I don't have the answers and have no idea what plans the owners of Twitter have in dealing with robots or whether or not policies will be enforced that help new users more than they do now. I guess people writing about probably helps a bit and maybe awareness is one of the solutions.

If more people are aware that they they are going to face a lot of spam and robot nonsense on Twitter but that it is certainly possible to meet a few people and start something real going, then it probably is going to me more likely for newcomers not to give up so easily.


                                  A MILLION AND ONE WAYS      

When we look at all the new web software and seo programs that are coming out it would seem that they are being designed to try and beat the system i.e. to sell something automated so that you do not have to work to increase your presence on the web.

Surely we have to believe that search engine companies are not dumb and although there are people always finding new ways to exploit the system, we can be assured that search engine companies are always ahead of them and designing new plugs to fix these problems. One of the biggest problems at the moment seems to be the amount of copied content on the internet. It is frustrating for people who have spent many hours developing good content on their websites only to find out  that someone was able to copy it and exploit it in a few seconds. 

Youtube most recently has become extremely interesting to me personally. It gives people a chance to upload their unique content and be protected by the fact that Youtube knows they are the originator of that content. Even more encouraging is the fact that there is a Youtube link on the default profile pages which is a valuable link. It is a dofollow link and if that is pointed to your website it looks most likely that a good Youtube channel could also be a good seo strategy for a website. Here is info on that link