To an SEO, this page is going to be something that is not interesting, because he already knows about DMOZ, but for "the rest of us" we feel that it is important to keep mentioning DMOZ to people involved in building websites.

Sometimes, something that is obvious to "experts" is often not taught to others, because they felt it was too obvious. We think that because of this, a page should be dedicated to mentioning part of history which is the  DMOZ Open Directory 

                dmoz get listed

                              DMOZ is now like Ancient Sumeria

Unfortunately right now, it seems it is very difficult to get a listing with DMOZ. Many of the older websites that you see on the internet that have high positions in search engines for particular keywords usually have a listing with the Open Directory. Some of these websites not only have listings for the main URL, but other URLS in their website too. Most big commercial websites have multiple listings (some even hundreds) for their subdomains. This means that search engines are still depending somewhat on the very old but trusted DMOZ.  

                dmoz historical

               Older people & definitely ancients will remember DMOZ.


                           IS DMOZ LISTING NOW IMPOSSIBLE? 

If WHOIS BID does not get listed with the Open Directory Project, we can do nothing about it. All we can do is keep trying, and that is all anyone else can do. This page is not an answer on how to get a listing. Everyone can read the guidelines on their website to see what they require. Good luck to you. I have gone more than 4 months with no reaction from Dmoz.

              ancient dmoz

                       DMOZ is a part of internet ancient history

Since people are not paying for a listing with these people there seems to be some kind of luck involved in getting a listing.  There is no guarantee that you will ever get a listing with them. Maybe you should not be worried too much if you put things in perspective. Don't waste time going to those websites who claim that most DMOZ editors are corrupt. Some of these people claim that they have found ways to bribe DMOZ part time editors. You can't believe those people because if DMOZ were taking bribes they would not normally so stupid as to take money from people on the internet who they do not know. Those sites are probably talking about this because they know that you are searching for answers on DMOZ listings to get more visitors to your site but you end up on their site instead. Yes! They are using keywords like "Bribe DMOZ editors" and " Guaranteed DMOZ listing" " Why no DMOZ listing" to sell you something or simply get more traffic to their sites. Actually, I am guilty of bringing you here by even mentioning those keyphrase ..LOL!  If you feel DMOZ is dead I recommend that you think of them like icons of old i.e. as something very important but so ancient, that you are no longer allowed to get too near e.g artifacts in museums. Think of the Open Directory as part of our history. If you think of them this way it might not be too bad. If you do manage to get a listing with them, then you are a lucky person!  Maybe you can mention it on the comment section below and we can think up some kind of award for you. Getting listed in DMOZ depends on luck since it is run by  volunteer editors. If you have already tried to get a listing with DMOZ and failed then all you can do is try again.  Maybe next time try a different category and description and hope that you will be fortunate enough to fall into the hands of a sympathetic editor. Maybe someone should develop a website where we can all share our experiences. You are most welcome to post your thoughts here.

             book of the dead

                       Will DMOZ end up as a museum piece?


DMOZ has been one of the great foundations for so many search engines. If you have a legitimate business website, a listing could earn you $$$ dollars for free. Most people these days will not get a listing with them even if they try for several months or even years. We hope you are lucky enough to win the lottery and that your details are handled by a sympathetic editor. If you have a legitimate website and you don't have a DMOZ listing we highly recommend that you try get one because it is going to boost your traffic for sure. In my own experience I have seen all the websites I own boosted by a listing with them. I am writing about DMOZ because it is very powerful.

Search engines like Google have used much of the DMOZ Directory information to create much of their own directories. Take the Google Directory business section for example and go to Accounting to see how websites are being listed. Notice that you can either view these websites in Google Page Rank Order or in Alphabetical order. Page Rank has a lot to do with how many older sites that already have Page Rank are linking to you. If you do not have access to influential sites who can give you backlinks, then you have work much harder. Don't give up on DMOZ but keep trying to get a listing with them. If you really want a listing you might be lucky to get it if you try several times a year. 

             in memory of dmoz

          If no-one is getting listed in DMOZ it will become a memory

If you are a business minded person and are willing to pay a yearly fee to Yahoo, you stand a much better chance of getting listing in their directory. There are many others who have run directories too, but DMOZ is a power house compared to them all. That is just my opinion.

              dmoz musuem

                    Ancient things get a mention now and again 


 What are your conclusions for DMOZ to list your website in 2011? Please feel free to give some input because people are coming to this page looking for answers. All I can give you right now is a poem about a friend I used to know called Dmoz and opportunity for your comments beneath it.

Dmoz is dead and buried and we have nowhere to go

We groan inside and reminisce the former days

We miss him dearly for he was charitable to those in need

Dmoz is dead and gone but we still hold him in our thoughts

Dmoz is dead an buried and but we still hold on to hope

Oh what happy days we once knew when Dmoz was alive

Dmoz was an approachable man who responded to the needy

Dmoz was the protector of the poor against the rich and greedy

Oh Dmoz we miss you so and our beds are flooded with tears 

What grief has befallen us since your untimely departure

We long to see that if by a miracle you might return

Return O Dmoz and display the strength of your former glory

Oh Mighty Dmoz who formerly gave us glory and rank

Open the Page of a new chapter for our sakes

Return and show the strength of your might

Return and do not keep us waiting anymore

Return O Dmoz Return for we long to stand beside you

We long to be linked to your life

Oh Dmoz we are lost without you

Return O Dmoz, Return!