If you came here previously looking to find a whois lookup widget that you were using on the whois bid site to find information on who owns domain names it is probably best to do this kind of search on Godaddy. This site is with Godaddy and in order to protect myself I have registered the whois bid domain name for TEN YEARS

Godaddy are the best domain name registrar I have known so far and you can't find anywhere else that beats their prices. They also allow you be their affiliate. How much will it cost people to buy a domain from them? Probably a lot less than most. I am probably saving you a lot of trouble by recommending you buy your low cost .com (dotcom) domain names from them. I might make a few cents if you click on the link. I have not made anything yet but what the heck! If I don't make money from Godaddy I don't worry because I feel that my property is safe with them.

                                   Go Daddy $7.49 .com Sale!


Unfortunately the cyber world is plagued with internet thieves. The problem is that many of them never get discovered let alone caught. It is very important to have the option that registrars such as the one above give you to register and pay to have your domain name protected for 10 years at least. I was surprised to find out recently that most people in the world still do not know the difference between a domain name and a website and there are companies who prevent others from DOING BUSINESS DIRECTLY with popular domain name registrars. This is extremely serious to me and this is why I am teaching you the difference. Maybe you know it already but I am going to add something that you probably did not think about. Watch this next video which shows you a serious bidding match for internet domain name names, especially dot com.


Forget about the value of your Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger accounts or whatever third party social network or blog you are using because it is most likely that no-one will ever get into a bidding match for your social channels -unless it was illegal and done in underground bidding. What is most valuable to you is your domain name and secondly your website. As I said earlier, people should register their domain names for at least 10 years or even a hundred years if you are given that option. Why? It is because people are careless about these things and something might happen to you which will cause your domain name to DROP FROM THE WHOIS REGISTRY

lf people are not careful and do not give knowledge of their domain name ownership to loved ones (including your user and password) then your property is going to be lost and others looking for dropped property everyday are going to make a profit from your carelessness or most probably your ignorance.



1. Make sure that someone else who you trust is aware of what internet property you own (this is most likely going to be domain names)

2. Check the whois database and see when those domain names need to be renewed. Change the terms with the domain name registrar so that you don't have to worry about paying every year to update the whois database. Use the 10 year or 20 year option.  Understand the difference between a domain name and a website (more info coming)

3. Some people are not even aware that they do not have direct access to the domain name registrar. You do not have access if you are unable to edit your information on the whois database. This probably means that you gave the responsibility to some other company. You need to take control of your domain and ask whoever is doing this for you to give you the information on how to have this control. Some companies may not want to do business with you anymore (I have personal experience with this) because they are probably waiting for you to die so that they can cash in on what is actually rightfully yours. These people will never be found out especially if no-one else is aware of your internet activities and your valuables.

4. Even though you probably do not own your social network channels it is a good idea to give someone else (a loved one) an ability to access them should something happen to you.

5. Buy a book and call it the WHOIS BID BOOK (LOL) and in that book you write down everything you know about how to access all of the things that might have value today or even in the future. Make clear instructions in that book on how to access everything and maybe some small details about what you were doing. Go and buy a safe and called it the WHOIS BID SAFE and put that book in the safe. Make sure your loved ones know how to access that safe if something happens. You could also give to a lawyer (if you trust them)

6. Explain to someone else (preferably loved ones) about domain names and websites and what is and could have value in the future. Make sure that they understand that you would like to give these things to them (rather than they end up being lost in a big hole that no-one knows about)

7. Do it this week. It might take you a few days if you own several properties and are involved in a lot of things. Do them 1 by 1. You might also find it useful because in writing about what you possess you will understand it much better. Many of us own things that we forget about. Maybe some of the things we own have grown and we did not even realize it.

8. When you have completed this, send me an email using the submit form on this website telling me that you accomplished it. This will encourage me and I will think about even better ways to do this. Of course you should not be giving me your WHOIS BID BOOK. That should be kept only for your loved ones. If you have no loved ones then find some people to love who deserve better than they have right now and explain it to them.


Terrible Terrible Terrible for you! It's terrible if you worked so hard on the internet only to have everything you own ripped from you and sold on the street! The image above is "who was?" and the details about "who was' are not important. You need to make sure that everything to do with WHOIS ... is actually in your control and can be handed over to someone else if necessary.

Who is going to profit (millions and billions of dollars) if people do not do these things? Think very carefully about it. Go and check my whois information if you like. See I have registered this domain for 10 years. 

               short domain names


Whois Server Version 2.0

Domain names in the .com and .net domains can now be registered

with many different competing registrars. Go to http://www.internic.net

for detailed information.



Creation Date: 01-nov-2010

Expiration Date: 01-nov-2020


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