One of the great things about owning your own website is that you can say whatever you want and you don't have to worry about having your own content flagged or deleted. HubPages likes to delete good honest content from it's pages. This is because it has people monitoring it regularly to see whether or not the material is up to par with it's "standards" and this is a good idea in a perfect world. The problem is that the world is far from perfect on Hubpages and I personally believe it is becoming like a communist police state. If you have certain ideas that do not agree with the religious and political views of the editors then you stand a good chance of having your material compromised. Lets take a break shall we? Maybe you are looking for ways to become a better writer. I personally don't care about checking too much for mistakes because that is not why I am here. I am here to share a message with anyone who is interested. I am sure that there will be readers who come here and will like what I have written about Hubpages because you identify with me but the video is for other people to watch. Yes! If you are only concerned about writing skills then by all means you can follow that path. OK- Here is what a lot of people want to do in order to become a better writer. Of course you will be able to impress certain people if you follow her advice. You can also skip the video and read on if you want to know why I really don't like Hubpages anymore.


I am beginning to like my own website more and more. Yes! it is now over 250 pages and gets a few hundred visitors coming to it per day. That is more than I can say for my HubPages site. I don't think that there is a proper hyperlink anywhere on this site to my Hub and I this has been done on purpose because my website is far more valuable than anything that I have put on Hubpages. Don't even bother visiting my Hubpages site because it is not worth much to me. Here are some technical reasons.

1. Google is good enough to spider all of the pages on my website and I normally receive a page rank of three *PR 3 /PR 4 for any new page that I create. My Hubpages get spidered but for some reason they receive an incredibly low page rank. I can do better by building a website and you can too. The only advantage of HubPages is in the short term. If you are thinking of a long term strategy then promoting your own website will work out best for you in the long run.

2. I can decide what goes on this page on my own website and who it links to. I can't do that on Hubpages because they have a system that prevents you from linking too many times. You are forced to be careful about being overly promotional but I think they go too far with this. What happens is you end up being too careful about the content on your pages to the point that you lose enthusiasm and freedom of expression. They also change the attributes on the links depending on your overall Hubpages score. If your Hubpages account is under 75 then all the links become weak and have the nodfollow attribute. Most people probably don't know this and those who do feel cheated at the end of the day when they have contributed a reasonable amount of content only to find out that their links are worthless. On top of this the individual Page Ranks for most pages is very low so the link is probably not worth much anyway.

3. Probably the worst thing I have experienced about Hubpages is the actions of the people who have been given the power to delete and blacklist your contributions. Even if you meet the editorial standards it is very likely that you can things removed from Hubpages if you are not towing the party line. I believe that there are far too many religious fundamentalists on Hubpages who are trying to use the Blog to promote a certain kind of suffocating religion and giving it a label called christianity.

My guess is that I could have my Hubpages account deleted for even writing like this and if that happens I will let you know on this page. 

I think that I have been incredibly generous to Hubpages with my opinions. I have not used foul language and have stated some facts which people are free to investigate for themselves. There was a point where I started to enjoy contributing on Hubpages despite the fact that there are so many obstacles but I lost most of my interest when I saw that some of the editors were being unfair.

Someone might say that I failed as a writer but I never joined Hubpages to become a writer and I personally don't see anyone becoming a popular writer through Hubpages. I find it to be a very stale website that is controlled too much. They need to be more open minded in my opinion because they are "throwing the baby out with the bath water"

Someone wanted to vlog about this metaphorical expression. I think they have some valid points, don't you?