Do you remember that it is the Russians who won the space race? They sent Uri Gagarin into space on April 12th 1961. Of course it was the Americans who won the moon race but probably Americans don't  like to admit that they lost the space race. Some Americans (surprisingly quite a few) don't even believe that America actually sent a man to the moon.



Youtube has plenty of videos with apparent evidence that the lunar landing never actually happened . I am guessing that one of the motives for making such spectacular claims in the videos is to attract internet traffic  to increase PPC earnings.  Did you know that if something that is not entirely true gets enough attention, it might end up becoming a fact to large percentage of a population who have been exposed to it ? Take for example what many ex provincial  mammoth farmers selling SEO SERVICES  are now saying about LINK WHEELS

                                            KEYWORD IDEAS

Lets hope that something written on WHOIS BID may trigger off ideas in your own mind but not to drive you into a false direction (or any direction) but instead make you stop and question whether or not you believe all the hype that the number #1 search engine gurus are saying about google and themselves. Why don't these people ever use other search engines like BAIDU or YANDEX to see either directly or BY PROXY what is going on in other parts of the world. Surely it is not about Google only. Those who see it that way are looking at the whole picture only from one perspective and one location in the world.


          Fig. 9.0 Did cosmonauts get paid as much as astronauts?

What has Yandex got to do with WHOIS BID? Well I did a search today on Yandex and typed in the full url in their search bar "WHOISBID.COM" and the search results that appeared were interesting and relevant . I found out from YANDEX that this dotcom domain name was formerly owned by someone else. Yes I know that other search engines would of eventually of shown that to me but I did not notice it until I used the famous Russian Search Engine. Is there some advantage in using Yandex? I think there is. I believe is targeting certain aspects of the internet. Why don't you try Yandex and join in the Russian Search engine experience?


All search engines are unique because they are not using the same algorithms. I was pointed to a site called  which had data showing that WHOIS BID expired in 2009. Wow, that means that someone else bought this domain? I wonder what they did with it if anything at all or was it simply a parked domain? Well, the domain name WHOISBID.COM was dropped from the registrar (to be explained on another day) and now belongs to yours truly. I would never of known that as quickly as I did if I had not been using a Russian Search Engine called Yandex. What else stands out to me in regards to alternative search engine?

                      YANDEX MAKES USE OF THE FAVICON


                                   WHAT IS A FAVICON?

What is a favicon? Many of you might already know what it is but for "the rest of us" a favicon is simply a small image that identifies who you are in the URL bar. Yandex makes proper use of the FAVICON (favicon.ico) in its search results. WHOIS BID likes this idea because unique images and logos distinguish  companies and people from each other and if others follow this trend then search engines will be doing us all a favour by showing a website identity not simply just by the domain name itself but also by a unique logo or image. Currently the favicon is very small but its possible that in the future it could be  bigger. Who knows? So what is useful about this page to you if you are building a site on a domain? Well, maybe you ought to think about making a unique favicon to identify yourself or your domain/company. Even though  other search engines are not making proper use of the favicon you can be assured that favicons have some relevance in Yandex search and maybe just maybe later on you will see a lot more of this. Maybe it will be an option in natural search.

                                YANDEX SPIDERS ARE ACTIVE

Those of you who monitor their web statistics will probably notice that Yandex is visiting your domain and website more often than many other of the smaller search engines and so it should be considered to be a powerful search engine and not to be underestimated. Of course Russians should know this but there must be plenty of english speakers who have never known about Yandex and so I have the privelege of being the one who introduced you to Yandex through this website. 

                          YANDEX IS ASKING US WHAT WE THINK?

Check out Yandex by doing some searches on your domain and website . You will see that they have a box which is asking users what they think? I wanted to feature Yandex in a frame but their script does not allow it. If you have anything else that you believe Yandex is good at, please let us know, especially if you are Russian.